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Author Topic: Impressions on my last Indian visit  (Read 9631 times)

Matsyendranatha Yogi

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Impressions on my last Indian visit
« on: December 23, 2011, 06:28:50 PM »

Shri Natha ji Guru ji ko Adesh!

I would like to share my experiences with respected Yogi Bhagavannath, Yogi Shankarnath (from Brazil) and other my friends, gurubhais, and students. There are few good news. First of all, my Guruji Shri Mithleshnath Maharaj was appointed as Mahant of temple in Devipatan by Adityanath ji. Great and sincere thanks to Adityanath from me and all my students. Devipatan is a sacred place for all nathas. Siddha Shri Ratannath made there his sadhana. In addition, to this place fell hand of Sati and Shakti pith was formed, so there is the famous Durga temple.

Secondly, I visited Galana, a place where samadhi of the famous Mahamantri Anandanath is loceted. In a small village the Gorakshanatha's temple is located, there is a small underground gufa where was made samadhi of Anandanath ji. Over the samadhi (on the first floor of the temple) is set large Gorakshanath murti. Anandanath ji, before leaving the body, ordered to put Gorakshanath over his head (yogis are buried in a sitting position). Around Gorakshanath murti, on the first floor, there are many statues of various Indian devatas, on the second floor are 84 murtis of Nathas, and on the top floor is the Lord Krishna temple, who represents devotion.

Also near the temple itself is a mountain, there is a small temple and gufa (a cave) where Anandanathji was practicing tapasya. This place impresses with its quiet and pure shakti.

Guruji Vilasnath condacted havan in the temple, this event was attended by many of his students, relatives and friends. That havan came out very detailed.

One of the Vilasnatha's pupils, is a family man Ramdas, invited me to his place. Ramdas has a small Gorakshanath temple, where he conducts pujas to Gorakshanath.

Not far from Nasik is Trayambakeshvar – one of the twelve famous Shiva pithas, there on the mountain is Gorakshanath-gufa, as well Gorakshanath temple.

Also, you can see Nivritti Natha's samadhi in Trayambakeshvar.

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