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Author Topic: Visit with Suraj Nath to Ghorwad math  (Read 6663 times)


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Visit with Suraj Nath to Ghorwad math
« on: February 08, 2012, 08:03:53 PM »

Adesh Adesh Nath panthis
Last month I went with Guruji Suraj Nath to his math in Ghorwad. His guru, Budh Nathji, had retired to that village after living in a kutir in Trimbak when he became old and ill and needed looking after.  The people of Ghorwad we delighted to have a Nath sadhu with them, and looked after him until he took samadhi last November.  When Suraj Nath went there for the burial ceremony, he was made Mahant of that math.
Suraj Nath figured that he was not into administration, and wanted to spend his time studying and teaching, so he appointed a young darshani sadhu, Shiv Nath, to act as manager-administrator.
This was a brilliant move, as Shiv Nath is a very capable guy.  Within a couple of months he had had a classic round dhuni built in the area in front of Budh Nathji’s samadhi, and was conducting arti and puja there very beautifully.  Work is under way for constructing a proper samadhi tomb for Budh Nathji.  Besides being an active and effective manager, Shiv Nath is carrying out the tapas of standing without sitting or lying down for 12 years – he has completed just over a year of this.  Needless to say, the people of Ghorwad are giving him great support.  And, as well as being a good manager and a serious yogi, he is a very pleasant guy, with a gentle manner, but also speaks with authority.
There are several temples at this site, an old Shiva temple, Ganesh, Hanuman (all Nath places have a Hanuman temple in their vicinity) and Devi, and Shiv Nath conducts arti to them all.  It is surrounded by tall banyan trees, which makes it just like a classical sacred grove.  The trees help it keep cool in the summer.
We spoke to Shiv Nath about Matsyendra Nathji’s suggestion that this place could serve as an excellent place for Naths and others to do their sadhana, and Shiv Nath was very approving of this idea.  Some work needs to be done to make it OK for westerners, but if interest is shown, then the place will respond.
Ghorwad’s position can be found by doing a Google search for that name.  It is close to Nasik, a major religious centre (& site of one of the 12-yearly kumbha melas), to Trimbak, where there is a major Nath math, the samadhi of Nivritti Nath, elder brother and initiator of Jñaneshvar, who stands at the pinnacle of the Nath tradition in Maharashtra.  Near Nasik is the hill of Sapta Shringi Devi, one of the main devi pithas of Maharashtra, which also has an excellent ashram, and has an ancient association with the Nath Sampraday.  It is also not far from Shirdi, where Sai Baba’s tomb is located.  It is not so far from Igatpuri, where the vipassana courses are held.
Bhagavan Nath
Shiv Gorakh

Matsyendranatha Yogi

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Re: Visit with Suraj Nath to Ghorwad math
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2012, 11:25:42 AM »

Adesh dear Bhagavannathji!

This is good news, about Surajnath j. Sorry that I didn't have time to visit this siddha-pith. Shri Surajnath is a good yoga expert, and I was very impressed communication with him on Gorakh-Sabady. This is an invaluable and insightful work, felt that you lived together for what explained there. Someday we will visit this place and spend more time to communicate with Surajnathji.

It is also very impressed by Shri Shivnathji, his 12 years tapasya. I've heard of sadhu, who did mauna 20 years, if my memory serves me, he is living Punjab. I also know a yogi by the name Somnath, who was standing 3 years continuously. I think that even is unusual for many, but 12 years is much more than. I'd love to meet Shivnath and get his darshan in the future. The experience of such yogis, I think, is not simple.

Thank you for writing here news about Surajnathji. Such events are useful to cover. How big is that temple, where Surajnathji was  appointed as mahant?