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Author Topic: Shankadhal  (Read 4704 times)

Matsyendranatha Yogi

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« on: August 28, 2012, 05:23:13 PM »

Adesh Nathapanthas!

We din't have Internet access all this time because were obtaining upadeshi-diksha from Gurudev Vilasnathaji. I believe, none of those who went with me to India, have not regretted it. :) I think people have had a lot of impressions. I ask all people who were there to share here their positive experiences.

The event was a great, two Mahamantris, Shri Chandanath ji and Shri Chetannath ji attended it. Although they had called for a day, we were able to communicate with them. We also met there the main representatives of Jamat (Shri Somvarnathji and Kishannathji), and spoke about Tradition. Especially pleased meeting with Shri Yoga Rakeshnath, student of Guru Anandanatha.

Guruji Vilasnathji pointed that it's the first time throughout the history of Sampradaya, where so many foreign shishyas received Diksha, according to the all rules and regulations. At this time also many Indian nathas received Diksha. Initially was planned to invite a few students, only a certain group of 5-10 people, but it turned to 22 in number. There also was Surajnath from Maharashtra, known for his studies on Gorakh-Sabadi, he paid us a lot of attention (thanks to Yogi Bhagavannathji!). Besides receiving Upadesha-diksha from Yogi Vilasnathji, one of sadhakas was initiated by Yogi Mahavirnath from Punjab, I suggested it to him. We both, I and my student, agreed on it, because that Guru is authoritative and good practitioner. During the trip, there were lot of opportunities to meet a variety of Gurus, yogis, tapasvi, sadhus, and time to talk to them.

I will not bore you with a long explanation and put photos with short comments.

This is our Natha group, students from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Israel and America:

Darshan of Mahamantri Sri Chandanathaji :

Talking about sadhana:

Yogi Lakshminath Maharaj and her Chira-Guru:

Great program, dedicated to the memory of Shri Guruji Anandanatha and the nomination of Vilasnathji as Mahant of the Anandanatha temple:

Yogi Shri Allamanath Maharaj:


Matsyendranatha Yogi

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Re: Shankadhal
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2012, 05:04:20 PM »

This is the temple of Yogi Vilasnatha ji:

Honorary representatives of Natha Sampradaya:

Babajis and sadhvi yogini who attended the event:

The spot where Shankadhal (Upadeshi Diksha) took the place:

Dedication of Yogi Vilasnathaji to Mahant:

Living communication with Yogi Surajnathaji: