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Author Topic: Guru-parampara  (Read 3251 times)


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« on: January 10, 2013, 10:02:12 PM »

Adesh Nath Panthis
In the Guru-paramparā given here in, Sant Eknāth’s guru’s guru is given as Dattātreya.  Our Nāth Sampradāy has throughout its history been noted for its spiritual breadth, having forged close links with Sūfī malangs and faqīrs over the centuries.  Thus it is no surprise to learn that research by contemporary Maharashtrian scholars has demonstrated that Sant Eknāth’s guru-paramparā (lineage) can in fact be traced back to the Qādirī order of Sūfīs.  Thus: Rāje Mahammad > Cānd Bodhale > Janārdanasvāmī > Eknāth.  Some devotees claim that Dattātreya appeared to Janārdanasvāmī dressed as a Sūfī malang – Dattātreya is frequently associated with Sūfīs in Maharashtra and elsewhere, being an avadhūt, just like a malang.
Shiv Gorakh

Matsyendranatha Yogi

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Re: Guru-parampara
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2013, 04:55:09 PM »

Adesh Bhagavan Nath ji!

This is an interesting topic as different Paramparaы intertwined. There is even a connection with yogis in Islam or Buddhism. Therefore, in fact, some religious systems lost connection with the Natha Sampradaya. This summer, Yogi Somvarnath said to me that yoga can be practiced in any religious (ideological) environments, even within Christianity. But there are contradictions when it comes to lifestyle. For example, it is unbelievable that Nathas would be normally react when Muslims are killing cows for food. Apparently, a certain percentage of Muslim yogis adhere sattvic life and combines Yoga and Islam (ie Sufism). I've heard that in Kashmir there is an order known as Chishti where practicing yoga, it is interconnected with Nathas.