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Author Topic: The 16 adharas  (Read 11223 times)

Matsyendranatha Yogi

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Re: The 16 adharas
« Reply #15 on: May 12, 2014, 11:18:38 PM »

This is the part of my article (draft):

The term "adhara" is the most well-known so we may take it as basic. Some teachers consider adharas, chakras and dvadashanta systems to have close interconnection; 16 adharas are mentioned as knots (granthis) in such texts as Manthanabhairava tantra, Mahakalasamhita where they are called "sthanas" and are depicted in the quantity of 18 sthanas through which pratiahara is practised. Prana and the goddess Hamsagamini are passing over them. In Kaulajnananirnaja they are noted in the quantity of 11. With reference to Sammohana tantra and Yogasvaroda 16 adharas are depicted as the chakras inside of the body and out of the body, located above the head (sukshma-chakras). They are stated as following:

Muladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddhi, Ajna-chakra, Bindu, Kalapada, Nirodhika, Adrdhendu, Nada, Nadanta, Vishnuvaktra. Dhruvamandala and Shiva.

In Sharadatilaka tantra we may also meet mentioned above names of 16 adharas but there Unmani is placed after Nadanta, which is unusual for lots of other schemes, then Dhruvamandala follows it and so on. In Sharadatilaka 16 adharas are represented in the following way:

Muladhara, Swadhisthana, Nabhi (manipura), Anahata, throat (kanhta), eyebrows, Bindu, Kalapada, Adrdhendu, Nibodhika,Nada, Nadanta, Unmani, Vishnuvaktra, Dhruvamandala and Shiva.

There is the order and names of 16 adharas according to Gautamya tantra:

Padangushta, Gulfa, Janu (knees), Uru (hips), Sivni, Linga, Nabhi, Hridaya, Griva (neck), Kantha (throat), Lambika, Nasika, Bhrumadhiaya, Mastak (head) and Murdha.

In Yogasvaroda the next names are stated in the methods of concentration on 16 adharas:

1. Padangushta; 2. Padamula; 3. Gudadhara; 4. Lingadhara; 5. Jatharadhara; 6. Nabhiyadhara; 7. Hridayadhara; 8. Kanthadhara; 9.Ghantikadhara; 10. Taluadhara; 11. Jihva taladhara (tip of the tongue); 12. Dantadhara (the teeth); 13. Nasikadhara; 14. Nasaput adhara; 15. Bhrumadhiya; 16. Netradhara.
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