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Author Topic: Sensations/Perceptions Through Spiritual Exercises  (Read 2386 times)


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Sensations/Perceptions Through Spiritual Exercises
« on: May 27, 2014, 07:42:52 PM »

Namaskar to all,

Matsyendranath Yogi booklet on Dvadashanta whose publication is for short (!) motivated me to post here, my own little sensations/perceptions related to Dvadashanta, resulting from my (very) limited experience, mostly based upon Kashmir Shaivism spiritual exercises.
Please do not hesitate into comment, eventually correct me or add some possibly useful info  – I’m here to learn ! (Hope you forgive me, if I do not use systematically indian names...)

According KShaivism there are 3 important Dvadashantas :
1-   First one located approximately 3 fists above the the top of the skull.(Sahasrara  Dvadash.)
2-   The second one located approx. 3 fists in front of the Heart Chakra.
3-   And the third, that some people see as de less important, located beneath muladhara at more or less the same distance.

Of course,here we’re dealing with invisible spiritual cosmic “zones” , invisibles but that we can feel, for they have a density…and the most interesting here, is that the first time that I felt them, (the Heart Center being the most intense in my case)  I was ignorant about their existence through readings – books, internet, etc.
(Which might be relevant, because as you all know our conscious mind – our ego - is often easily influenced, it’s one of the traps in our way…)

This soul felt some pleasant/blissful sensations after a not so long period of seated practice of uccara/anavopaya according KShaivism, as follows:
1. breathing in and out on each chakra from the top of the skull till the base of the spine, followed by
2-breathing in from the latter till the former (so the reverse of 1.) and then breathing out from the top of the skull till the basis of the spine, followed by
3- Cakrodaya, that is, focus on breathing while slightly pressing the throat with the chin, followed by
4 – Focusing the awareness on the heart chakra, and this is when the Dvadashantas perception becomes more intense.

As I said already, the one in front of the heart chakra, one can even feel something like an invisible bridge, connecting the heart chakra to the corresponding Dvadashanta.  This  is always accompanied by some degree of pratyahara (logically?).

Thankful in advance for your attention

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